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Lady Layla


Hello, Please allow me to introduce myself. I go by "Lady Layla" (but you can just call me Layla), I have been on this "Sacred Tantric Journey" my whole entire life and I know that I was brought into this world to share this amazing gift for growth, transformation and spiritual awakening with my fellow humans. Every single thing that I have done, that I have encountered and experienced has led me to this very moment and I am honored beyond words to share this journey with you. I was born in October of 1966, during a very turbulent time in our nation. I was brought up on the East Coast in a quite little suburban neighborhood in P.G. county MD, just outside of Wash. DC. My ancestry is Sicilian and I was raised Catholic. I lived a very sheltered life until I was old enough to think my own thoughts and feel my own feelings. I wanted to know more about life so when I was 21, I moved to San Fransisco in 1988. I was young, carefree, wild, rebellious, and reckless. I had learned many lessons the hard way, through trial and tribulation and I don't regret one moment of it. And even though it has left many scars that will probably last a lifetime, I can honestly say that when I give you advice about life's hardships, that I "speak from experience"! and know how painful memories can inhibit our wellbeing. I am still on an healing journey... one that will probably never end and I am happy to share myself with you in the deepest of ways, as  Raw, Real, Genuine and Authentic as I can be. I am only human, just like you and I make no claims to be anymore enlightened than anyone else. But if experience could speak volumes, then I have a whole Encyclopedia Britannica to share with you. I learned about Tantra after graduating from Massage School in Northern CA and moving to an intentional spiritual community called The Church of New Age Being. It was also a hot-springs resort called Harbin Hot Springs in the little town of Middletown in Lake County CA, where I lived, worked and learned more about life in the 8 short years that I lived there before moving to Asheville NC in 2001, where I continue to be a student, practitioner, healer, Tantrica, Dakini,  and priestess of the sacred healing art of Tantra. It is my vocation and my honor to share my talents and wisdom with those of you who feel divinely guided to this very special path of enlightenment. 

Experienced and Supportive


I have been a student, practitioner, teacher, coach, and priestess of the ancient healing art of Tantra for over 23yrs and am excited to share my wisdom and knowledge with you. 



With a certification of over 600hrs from the National Holistic Institute in Berkley CA and many years as a trained, certified and experienced Tantrica, I will take you on a journey of self discovery, healing, relaxation, self empowerment, and bliss that you won't soon forget. 

About Tantra

Everything you need to know...

Where does Tantra Come from ?

 Tantra is an ancient spiritual yoga practice and philosophy. It has been denoted from many different area's of the east. Some scholars believe that it began in the Indus Valley (Pakistan and northwestern India) between 3,000 and 5,000 years ago, when the earliest yoga texts, the Vedas, were written. But Tantra did not come into common practice until the fourth century, after Patanjali's classical yoga flourished. 

What does Tantra Mean?

Tantra is a set of spiritual practices that direct the universal energies into the practitioner, thereby leading to liberation. Meaning "to weave" in Sanskrit, the term is derived from two words: tanoti, which means "to stretch" or "to expand," and trayati, which means "liberation."

Tantra can be defined as the path that leads to liberation. Contrary to the popular belief in the Western world, tantra does not advocate uninhibited sex. Tantric practices generate sexual energy and purify the energetic body.

As a life-embracing philosophy, Tantra consists of various practices, including spirituality, love, sexual union and social life, in order to achieve one's spiritual aspirations.

The "tools" one may use in a Tantric practice include mudras, mantras, prayers, meditation and other yogic practices that purify both the body and soul. Sexual energy is involved in the practices of some Tantrics.

The philosophy of Tantra has influenced various faiths, such as Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. Tantric rituals expand consciousness and liberate the practitioner from the physical level of existence.


What is the purpose of Tantra?

Tantric practices, including Tantra yoga, work on the subtle energies within the body to enhance spiritual growth and physical wellbeing. Through the exploration of these energies and their connection to the universe, the purpose of life and the connection to others can be understood in a new dimension.

As quoted by Danny Argeutty of Doyouyoga.com, 

"Tantra is a word commonly thrown around in the yoga world, and let's face the facts. What do you think about when someone says, "Tantra?" Sex.

There is nothing wrong with this association, as the Tantric worldview encompasses physical intimacy and connection, but it is also very limiting as the tradition contains much greater texture and dimension.

The Tantra is a vast tradition that represents many diverse schools and thoughts. This philosophical system began to take root in India around the seventh century, and ranges from more orthodox  schools, which have structured rituals, meditations, and teacher-based initiations, to more liberal schools which have a reputation for defying social norms and using sexual practices as ritual, which is where the Tantra as sex association began.

The points to follow are from the point-of-view of the Rajanaka Tantra lineage -- a more centric school -- which embraces many Tantric teachings and makes them applicable to daily life.

Here are five key reasons for you to practice Tantra outside of your bedroom": Please follow this link to learn more: https://www.doyouyoga.com/creators/darguetty/

I encourage you to do your own research on the subject of Tantra and see what come's up for you. I believe that when we set our minds on something there is no telling what the universe will guide you to. Life is a journey in which we should never settle on one thought form or belief system just because someone in your past told you to. When we stop allowing ourselves to grow exponentially, we limit ourselves to information that may be outdated and no longer working in our modern day world. Think about the wars that have been fought in the name of religion just because we are to stubborn to CHANGE, grow, learn, and EVOLVE. Allow your mind to expand, and your heart to open to the possibilities  beyond what you think you know. There is a better place for all of humanity to be and we can create it by becoming evolutionary allies together. Lets start now!!!

"Tantra Healing Sessions"

For Men, Women, Couples and Groups.

Tantra Healing Sessions: 

Have you ever wondered to yourself: "Is this all there is to life"?

 Have you ever felt the need to go deeper and find out what y(our) purpose as spiritual beings, having a human experience is here on planet earth? Well you're probably not the first and most likely wont be the last to ask these very quintessential questions. Life is the most exciting, interesting and mysterious journey we will ever take and there is so much more to it than meets the eye. Allow me to be your guide on this journey of self discovery and self awareness with a "Tantra Healing Session". Here we will combine various techniques of touch, body-work, breath-work and energy-work, along with guided meditation, chakra balancing, kundalini activation and so much more, to jumpstart your "Spiritual Awakening". We will utilize "Timeline Work" to tap into whatever is coming up for you concerning your childhood upbringing, conditioned belief systems, and any Trauma based issues such as guilt, shame, and sexual dysfunctions brought on by abuse. Whether it be mental, emotional, spiritual, and/or psychological abuse... as well as verbal, physical, and/or sexual abuse (including incest, molestation, rape and sexual harassment or misconduct). I work with both survivors and perpetrators to help heal the wounds that keep us stuck in old unhealthy patterns and programs that no longer serve us for our highest good, and keep us from having a positive, healthy attitude toward sex and sexuality. As one of my teachers (Cathleen Cienfuegos) explains, "Tantra Healing Sessions" are a return to wholeness. It is a reintegration of all our lost and damaged parts... parts of us that have gone numb, or are out of balance; parts of us that rest in the shadows, unclaimed or rejected or forgotten. It is a deep return to the wisdom of the  body and our energetic blueprint for health and vitality. Sexual healing is about being deeply connected to our personal power and our own creative wellspring so that we may move about in the world with grace, ease and authority. It requires unlearning all the conditioning and stories about who you are that have been given to you from  society, culture, and family and to realize and actualize your own unique genius and learn to express that fully. All the stories, trauma, unprocessed feelings and hurts that we've experienced in life are stored and reflected in our bodies. We can clear this energetic and emotional stagnation and super-charge ourselves with sexual, creative life-force energy. Even if you are great with dealing with things as they come up, have had no early trauma, and have no heavy trips laid on you by family, you are probably still carrying the collective understanding of what sexuality is in our world... which is very limited and small! Our culture shaped us, and gives us our values. Studies show that there is a direct correlation between sexual repression and violence. Countries that have extreme and judgmental views about how sexuality should be expressed, and practice suppression are countries that are always engaged in war! Beginning a journey to sexual wholeness is its own type of revolution... A re-evolution for self-expression, creativity, fulfillment, personal power, and quite literally "Peace on Earth"...  


Shamanic Tantric Journeys: the warriors path.




Tantric Coaching Retreats are specifically designed for you to fully immerse yourself into the Tantra experience with your Tantra Coach. This is for anyone who is ready go deeper and do their “inner work”, “shadow work”, and come to a place of “self realization” and liberation, not only within the bounds of sexuality but within life in general… I will have a variety of activities to choose from as leaning tools for intimacy and connection, including healing old traumas, working with conditioned belief systems, emotional release work, breath work, energy work, guided visualization, meditation, compassionate communication, and much much more, to activate your spiritual awakening and get you started on your own personal and spiritual relationship with Divine Source. Whether you are spending 1, 2 or 3 days with me, it is my deepest intention and hope that you will walk away with a plethora of wisdom, knowledge and information that will begin to transform your life in ways you never could have imagined.  

Day One... of your retreat starts in the afternoon and will include an intimate conversation about your thoughts, feelings, needs, expectations, intentions, fears, and desires. It is my truest intention to hold the space for you to drop into your heart and share yourself deeply, openly, honestly, transparently, and vulnerably. Its not every day that we can find someone to share that depth of connection with, so please take this as an opportunity to be real, authentic and genuine with whatever it is that you'd like to work on. This is a rare chance to do the healing work and the inner work on yourself that we all came here to do in order to make ourselves and the world a better place to live in.  

We will then continue with a healing touch session, where you will learn how to relax, let go, and surrender to receiving with out any need to give anything in return. As I have often said, “its just as important to learn how to receive, as it is to learn how to give”. Its also important to learn from receiving by just closing your eyes, taking deep, slow, intentional breaths, and being present with the touch and how it feels. Paying attention to where my hands are going on your body, how much pressure i'm using, what part of my hands, arms, or body is touching yours. You can learn so much about how to give just from receiving

During the session, we sill start off with some breath and energy-work to still our minds and drop into our bodies. We, as humans, spend so much time in our heads on a daily basis that most of us don't even know whats its like to just be in our bodies and feel the sensations of pleasure, joy, happiness, wisdom, relaxation, connection, intimacy, gratification, and contentment that comes from receiving loving, nurturing, healthy, sensual, erotic, and healing touch from someone who is being fully present with us.  

I will include a guided meditation of channeled information from Divine Source that is meant for just you to hear. Allow me to be the channel for this information to come through as I move my hands across your skin and along your body, relaxing your muscles, and calming your mind and spirit. We will begin to move old, stuck, stagnant energy that is keeping you from allowing fresh new life force energy to flow through the energy channels (meridians) in your body.  

We will then move into activating your Chakras (see my blog on “The Wisdom of the Chakra's”) Starting with the 1st chakra, your root chakra at the base of your perineum, all the way up to the top of your head at the 7th chakra, your crown chakra and everything in between. We will also begin to work with your Kundalini Energy, which in ancient text is described as being the “spark of life” that took root when your spirit entered your body as an infant.  

We will be learning how to activate our “sexual energy”, also know as “life force energy” moving it throughout our entire being, filling up every cell in our body with vibrant and vital life force energy to renew, refresh, and revitalize us in every way imaginable. We will build this energy up and bring it back down several times before releasing it to create a sense of calm, wellbeing, relaxation, and connection to Divine Source.  

It is our divine birthright to be connected to our sexuality in a spiritual way. We will work with whatever conditioning we received around sex and sexuality in our lifetime, especially anything that keeps us from living a happy, healthy and fulfilling life.   

After the session is over, we will move into a quite meditative space, connecting with ourselves and bringing the energy back home to our hearts and minds. Giving thanks for showing up and being fully present with the process. We will take some time to clean up and prepare ourselves for a delicious meal. It can be your choice to have a homemade organic meal prepared by 'yours truly”. I can work around any dietary restrictions and/or preferences that you may have, or we can go out to one of the many amazing “farm to table” restaurants here in the Asheville area. Your choice.  

After dinner, we can retire back to the bungalow where we can share some cuddle time and conversation before heading off to sleep for the night in our own separate sleeping spaces.  

Day Two… Of y(our) retreat will begin with a morning meditation and guided visualization to gently bring our awareness and our consciousness into the present moment. I will prepare a special herbal tea or coffee (your choice) and a light breakfast to start our day. You can then have a choice to go on a short hike out in nature or a yoga class at the Asheville Community Yoga center. When we return, we will have another talk therapy session, working on any issues that you'd like to work through. If need be, we can include some Time-line work, Breath-work and/or Emotional release work session to bring the emotions to the surface where you can feel safe to talk about them with your Tantra Coach, who has not only been trained and certified to handle these sessions, but who also speaks from her own personal experience.  

After this, we will take some time to ourselves to do whatever we please. Take a nap, take a walk, go out to lunch, get some work done, make some phone calls, write in our journals, etc… When we are ready to reconvene, we will meet back at the temple space for a 90min “Touch Therapy Session”. This one will be a little more interactive with some light mutual touch and verbal instruction. I will talk about what it is that I am doing during the session, including how to give and receive loving, nurturing, healing, pleasurable, relaxing, sensual, intimate touch. We will discuss, consent, boundaries, what feels good and what doesn't feel good, and whatever else comes up for us in the moment. This will be a learning opportunity for you to have this as a tool for intimacy, healing, connection, and spiritual awakening, not only in your own life but also with whomever you choose to share this with… Your spouse, your partner, your lover(s), etc…  

After the session is over, we will once again, move into a quite meditative space, connecting with ourselves and bringing the energy back home to our hearts and minds. Giving thanks for showing up and being fully present with the process. We will take some time to clean up and prepare ourselves for a delicious meal. It can be your choice to have a homemade organic meal prepared by “yours truly”. I can work around any dietary restrictions and/or preferences that you may have, or we can go out to one of the many amazing “farm to table” restaurants here in the Asheville area. Your choice.  

After dinner, we can retire back to the bungalow where we can share some cuddle time and conversation before heading off to sleep for the night in our own separate sleeping spaces.  

Day 3.. of our retreat will pretty much be a repeat of the Day 2 but this time the “Touch Therapy Session” will be even more interactive, with you having the opportunity to give as well as receive. After I complete the first 30mins of the session with you receiving, I will switch with you and get on the table. It will then be your turn to give as I have instructed you on Day 1 and Day 2 of the retreat for the next 30min. After that, you will get back on the table on your back and I will continue to instruct you how to give on the front of the body for the next 30 min. We will then switch again and it will be your turn to give for the last 30 min, bringing the whole session to 2hrs. So it will look like this…  

First 30 min, you will receive while laying on your front

Next 30 min, you will give while I'm laying on my front

Next 30 min, you will receive while laying on your back

Last 30 min, you will give while I'm laying on my back

After the session is over, you can choose to stay and have dinner or leave. I know this day will be Sunday and you will possibly have to be back to work on Monday so I will leave it up to you to let me know how you would like to go from there. Of course you are welcome to stay the night and leave in the morning, however, depending on where you are coming from, I totally understand if you need to get an early start as well.  


Please keep in mind that this is ONLY giving and receiving TOUCH and instructions of Tantra as a spiritual practice. This is not full service, which means there is absolutely no kissing, oral sex or intercourse of any kind. Thats not to say that you can't include these activities with your own partner, spouse or lover, but only that I do NOT participate in that whatsoever. I am a Tantra teacher, educator, coach, and practitioner, not an escort or sex surrogate. I expect that my boundaries and my body will be honored and respected at all times during our time together.  

Dark tantra:


BDSM, Fetish & Kink...

Dark Tantra is a relatively new concept, though it is derived from the age old idea of BDSM, fetish's and kink. Its gives us a different perspective of our sexuality from the shadow or dark side of human nature. Here we will be able to explore domination, submission, respect, trust, surrender and the relinquishment of power and control.

In a safe, sacred space, you will be able to consciously connect to your deepest self and integrate the light and the dark within you, helping you intimately connect with your passionate inner erotic and sensual being.

This session is ideal for those who understand pleasure under a whole new meaning rather than the more traditional definition. This experience involves exploring your darker, deeper fantasies, trapped as mental images bursting to become reality. Dark Tantric Pleasure sessions help you utilize all your senses to enhance the mundane, to create the sacred and experience the profound. Dark sensual touch is recommended once you have already experienced a Divine “Tantric Touch Massage Session”. It is vital that we both feel totally comfortable together. After all, this session explores the darker side of pleasure, pushing limits you may never imagined would manifest such erotic delight and boundaries that require mutual comfort.

Incorporating the tantric practice of sensual breath work, mindfulness and ritual into our sacred kink play generates a profound sensuality and resonance, while supporting a safe, sane, consensual space, even in the most intense play.

During these sessions you may refer to me as "MY LADY".

Serious inquiries only



A Goddess worship session is a combination of both giving and receiving in a Tantric Ritual of worshiping and honoring the “Divine Feminine”. Where not only will you be learning how to worship the Goddess but where YOU will also be learning how to “be worshiped by HER”. This a lesson in the return to a more egalitarian way of living. Where we are seen as equals in the paradigm of creating, procreating, and co-creating life as it is on this planet.  

In ancient times, the feminine face of god, otherwise know as “Sophia” or just “Goddess” was honored, respected, revered and worshiped just as the masculine face of god, otherwise know as “Yahweh” or just “God” is honored and worshiped in modern times. She was seen as the giver of life being that she was the one who bore the burden of carrying a life in her womb for nine months in order to co-create life here on this planet. There was a time when conception, gestation, and birth was seen as something so sacred that the powers that be sought to create laws that prohibited the futility of it. Thus creating a sacrament called marriage and the idea that a woman became a mans property, along with the child growing inside of her body. When this happened, it deemed the male superior and the female inferior and did a grave disservice to our egalitarian way of life, where both the male and the female are created equal in the eyes of nature and the laws of the universe. You can lean more about egalitarianism at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Egalitarianism

We have become “imbalanced” as a result of our ignorance and our arrogance, ignoring the laws of nature and lording it over to amass power, wealth, fame, superiority, dominance, and status. We have become out of tune with the cycles of nature and our connection to the mother earth with her constant unconditional love for us, always giving to help sustain life, never asking for anything in return other than to give thanks for her gifts and not take advantage of her resources for nefarious reasons. When we are out of balance with each other and with nature, things go awry as you have very well seen and maybe even experienced first hand as the effects of climate change happening all over the planet as we speak. Unimaginable and catastrophic destruction, that have killed, maimed and displaced hundreds of thousands of humans, and yet, those of us who are not effected, turn a blind eye to this travesty. What will it take for us to wake up and realize that we are living in old paradigm conditioned belief systems that are no longer working for the good of humanity, but only for the good of a few greedy, selfish, mentally/emotionally and psychologically imbalanced individuals who think they are gods, when in reality they are only human, just like the rest of us.  

When we are out of sync with the qualities of the DIVINE FEMININE, goddess energies that bring about a sense of Love, Kindness, Compassion, Tenderness, and Receptivity, then we are out of sync with ourselves, with others and with Divine Source. The pendulum has swung to far to the other side and distorted what it means to be masculine in our world. We have taken those qualities of strong, assertive, protective and determined and forced them into overbearing, aggressive, selfish, and domineering. It's time for men to listen to women or there wont be anything left to fight for anymore. There is another way to go about living on this planet with one another, in peace, harmony and balance. We just have to be willing to change our minds, open our hearts and trust Divine Source to guide us in the right direction.   

In a Goddess worship session you will be guided to surrender to your own feminine side, learning how to be receptive, sensitive, compassionate, and vulnerable when you are receiving the gift of touch, pleasure, sensuality, and healing energy that your goddess if giving you. You will learn how to let go of your own personal agendas, expectations, and preconceived ideas, of what you think this is (or even should be) about and be open to what is that SHE has to teach you about the secrets of the

Ancient and Sacred Feminine Mysteries Schools. You will learn how to worship the body as a temple, where our soul resides and our spirit soars. You will learn about the sacredness of our bodies and all the wonders it has to offer. You will also learn how to give as well as receive, honoring the Divine Feminine form. All her sensual curves and delicate angles. From this tip of her toes, to the top of her head and everything in between. You will learn how to communicate your thoughts, feelings, needs and requests. You will learn about boundaries and consent. And hopefully you will learn more about yourself in the process of learning about HER. We are all Divinely connected. We don't survive without each other. It is important to remember that we all possess both the masculine and feminine energies and qualities within us. It is time to UNLEARN everything that you have been conditioned to believe and open your heart, mind, body and soul to what is real and what is right. The Goddess awaits you, she has been waiting for you for a VERY long time. Come and bask in the energy of the Divine Feminine and feel the healing energy of her touch, her words, and her wisdom.  an’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service.

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Non Interactive: During a non interactive session you are merely receiving with out doing anything else but enjoying the healing touch. This way you have the permission to surrender and just give in to the relaxing pleasure one receives from being pampered, loved, and nurtured in a healing atmosphere. So just lay back, close your eyes, breath deeply, and let my skilled, healing hands do the rest!

Interactive: During an interactive session not only do you have the pleasure of receiving but you also get the opportunity to learn how to give as well, so that you will be able to share this knowledge with your significant other(s). Please keep in mind that this is strictly healing touch only (full body, not full service). I expect boundaries to be respected at all times and that everything is kept safe and clean (as not to perpetuate the spread germs, bacteria's, or viruses). While you are receiving, I will talk about what it is that Im doing so that you can try and repeat it when it is your turn to give. While you are giving, I will guide you as to what to do; learning the quality touch, what feels good and what doesn't, etc... 

Double Partner Sessions: (limited access) Allow my partner[s] (your choice of male or female) and I to take you into a state of unimaginable bliss and ecstasy. We have mastered the art of synchronistic healing touch. Not only will you feel the magic of four skilled hands working your sore muscles, you will also experience what it is like to have two hearts and minds filling you up with loving, nurturing, healing energy. This is truly a special treat.

Couples Sessions: Come with your spouse/partner to learn the "Art of Sacred Sensuality". Enjoy learning how to give and receive pleasure to each other in a safe, loving, nurturing environment. I will share with you the wisdom of the "Ancient Arts" so that you will have the tools to bring more intimacy and passion into your relationship.

Women's Sessions: Ladies, have you ever wanted to learn how to pleasure your partners and teach them how to pleasure you in return? Come for a coaching session or just come to relax and receive some healing touch for yourself. Whatever, you choose, YOU deserve to have this opportunity as well. 

Scheduling An Appointment:


Appointment Times: In Asheville, my preferred hours are between 12pm and 9pm. I do not take calls before or after 10am and 10pm. Appointment times are  12pm, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm, 8pm. I only take 2 to 3 appointments per day depending on the length of the sessions, so please be sure to schedule as far in advance as possible, Same day appts are fine with at least a 2-3hr advance notice. I do not take last min appts! If Im not available when you call or text, please leave me a detailed message (text is preferred) with only your name, age, occupation, phone number and a good time to reach you. I will try to get back to you in a timely manner. If you are calling from a private or blocked number, please dial *82 first as to unblock the number or I will not answer. 

Accommodations: I have a lovely little Temple space in West Asheville where I host sessions. I also do out calls (for an extra fee depending on the distance) to high end hotels only, not private residences. 

When traveling: I usually stay in nice 3 star hotels. I do my best to check in around 2/2:30pm. Appt times are 3pm,  5pm, 7pm and 9pm only. I book in 2hr increments, which allows me to have enough time to do either a 60 or 90 min session and still have time to rest in between sessions. If I am in your city for 2 days, the following days appts are at 11am, 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9pm.  I am sometimes able to do sessions in the morning at 9/9:30 before checkout time (usually at 11am) on the day of my departure.  

Cancellation policy: 

I have a strict 24 hour cancellation policy for ALL patrons. If you must cancel in less than 24 hours, I require that 50% of the suggested donation is offered before rescheduling your next appointment. If you schedule an appointment and do not show or call to cancel, then you must offer the full amount of the missed session before scheduling your next appointment. It is VERY important to keep your commitments once you have scheduled our time together. This is my livelihood and I must rely on your dependability in order to cover my expenses.

Screening Policy: I have a STRICT screening policy for any and all potential new patrons. If you are interested in scheduling time with me, you must be willing to share your name, age, occupation, telephone number, email address and social media (if possible), as well as a brief description and or picture of yourself. Please feel free to share anything else about yourself that you feel comfortable with or ask any questions you may have for me, however, do keep in mind that I expect complete respect and discretion to protect both our privacy. 

Sliding Scale Suggested Donations:


Suggested donations: are based on the going rate for this particular style of coaching and healing work. Please keep in mind that this is not just a therapeutic massage nor is it a solicitation for anything illegal. You are willingly donating the suggested rate for our time spent together and for receiving the ancient wisdom, teachings, and knowledge of "Tantra" and the "Ancient Art of Sacred Sensuality". 

*Sliding Scale is to help make it more affordable if need be. It simply means that you offer the lower amount up front before the session begins and then tip up to the higher amount (which is the going rate for my level of experience and expertise) after the session is over, depending on what you thought of the session and what you can afford. If you are not able to tip, no worries. If however, you are able to tip, offer the full amount or more, it is very much appreciated. I believe that what "Comes Around, Goes Around" and if you are able to "Pay it Forward" that it will come back to you tenfold in the future.

Suggested donations will be discussed in private based on your level of income and after the screening process is complete.  

Donation offerings:

I prefer that donations be offered in the  form of cash only at the time of the session. It is customary to offer the donation upfront, no questions asked, before the session begins. Sorry, but there are no money back guarantee

Contact Me:


PLEASE read over my entire site before contacting me for an appointment. Everything you need to know about my sessions/services is here for your convenience.

I also advertise online at:

*Eros.com in the Carolinas under Massage and Tantra (pics avail) https://massage.eros.com/carolinas/files/772666.htm?cat=83

*Sacred Eros: https://sacrederos.com/listing/lady-layla/

*Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tantraevolution.org/?ref=br_tf

*Screening is a very important part of the process. Its meant to help both the  provider and the patron get to know each other better. I expect open, honest, and transparent communication which will help us to have a more pleasant and enjoyable experience. Please take this opportunity to express your feelings, emotions, wants, needs, hopes, desires and fears. Let me know what your intentions are for scheduling a session with me, or if you have any expectations or agendas... and also, what you hope to achieve, accomplish, learn and gain from our time together. Let me know what led you to seek out my assistance and why you feel particularly attracted to working with me.  Please know that any information you choose to share will be kept in the strictest of confidence and held in a safe container, as to allow you/us to express your/our selves freely and without any inhibitions. 

*Please respond with your NAME, AGE, OCCUPATION, and brief description and/or photo of your self.

*Anything else that you're comfortable sharing about yourself such as a website, social media platform or dating site profile is also helpful in helping me get to know you better.
*You may also leave your phone number with a good time to contact you or feel free to call (I prefer text) with your information and I will get back to you ASAP.
*I do not accept calls with blocked numbers, so please dial *82 to unblock your number.
*I do not tolerate any vulgar language and expect to be treated with the same respect and dignity as I will treat you with.
*I am very much looking forward to connecting with you soon.
Blessings, Lady Layla.


*Remember to include:





*Social Media

*Dating Profile



Travel Schedule:


My Travel Cities 

I travel mostly around the Southeast. If you live in any of these cities and would like to be put on my contact list to be notified of my travel dates, please make note of that in your email.  

North Carolina, 

Hickory, Boone, Charlotte, Greensboro, Fayetteville, Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area, Wilmington and Myrtle Beach. 

South Carolina, 

Greenville/Spartenburg, Columbia, Charleston and Hilton Head.


Atlanta, Athens, Macon, Augusta and Savannah. 


Tri-Cities, Knoxville, Nashville and Memphis... 


Jacksonville, Daytona, Orlando, Tampa, Sarasota and Naples. 

Travel Schedule:  April 2019

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*Asheville NC:  (home base)

 Available 10am to 10pm daily

*Greensboro NC: 

*Charlotte NC:  April 22nd &23rd

*Raleigh NC:

*Wilmington NC:

*Myrtle Beach NC:

*Greenville SC: 

*Columbia SC: 

*Charleston SC: 

*Tri-Cities TN: 

*Knoxville TN: 

*Nashville TN

*Athens GA: 

*Augusta GA: 

*Savannah GA: 

*Jacksonville FL: 

*Orlando FL:  

*Tampa FL: 


My Blog

 Please take a moment to read my blog on subjects that are not only important to me but also important to the enhancement of human growth and development. We are entering an new phase in "spiritual evolution" that will bring about the liberation of our species and its importance to our survival on this plane of existence.   



  • * Thomas from Spartenburg... Let me recommend scheduling some time to spend with Layla. My encounter with her with was both tranquil and exhilarating. Her welcoming and calming personality sets a calm and relaxing mood. Her touch is both tender and tantalizing. Even though this was my first session with her, it didn’t take long to feel a sweet and intimate connection that actually evokes a physical and emotional bond.
    Layla truly put me at ease to receive her energy and this wonderful connection. I look forward to returning and continuing this new journey she has introduced to me. 

  • *Vick from Greenville... As a novice practitioner of tantra, I contacted Lady Layla via text with specific questions about tantra including breathing technique and internalizing my sexual energy. I scheduled a 1-hour non-interactive session while she was in Greenville. The session was conducted at a very safe and immaculate hotel. The room was spacious, uncluttered and a perfect environment for a tantra session; slightly dimmed lighting, an appealing fragrance that was not overwhelming, and relaxing music playing softly in the background. Upon entering the room, Lady Layla offered me a water and we sat on the couch to talk and get to know each other before the session began. Lady Layla is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside and we connected immediately. After answering my questions, I disrobed and climbed on top of the massage table. Lady Layla was very professional throughout the session. We began the session with eye gazing, embracing, practicing our breathing, and deepening our mutual connection. This was followed by a tantric massage. Lady Layla softly explained what she was doing and occasionally asked me questions about myself. I was totally relaxed and felt compelled to open up to her about internal blockages that were inhibiting intimacy within myself and with others. I was personally exposed and totally vulnerable. Lady Layla was understanding and up-lifting. My absolute trust in Lady Layla was rewarded with a cathartic healing that remains with me today. I look forward to our next session.                                  

  • *Vin D from Virginia... This was my first tantra session. Lady Layla was comfortable and reassuring. I thought I understood that this was a sensual healing session but I could not have anticipated the depth of the connection and healing. I found myself in tears as I let so much go and just was. Over the past week since our session, I have often thought back to the lessons and feel a positive sense of warmth and the beginnings of a deeper understanding of the world and my soul. Thank you Lady Layla. Our paths will cross again.                           

  • *Kevin from Pensilvania ... Layla is a wonderful teacher. She is compassionate, sensual, caring and knowledgeable. I knew even before meeting her in person that our time together would be special. Her warmth radiates through her written words as much as it does through her touch.  Layla helped me understand sensuality in a way I never imagined possible.  Her technique was slow, playful and deliberate.  She guided me in the ways of dark tantra and I felt awakened to sensations and emotions like never before.  Her use of breathing techniques completely enhanced the experience and her soothing voice completed an already wonderful experience. Our time together brought me to both new depths of relaxation and new heights of sensuality.  Seeing her again cannot come soon enough. 

  • Larry from Columbia... Layla’s presence and warmth are completely genuine and without pretense as is time with her in a session. She is incredibly engaging and grounded in tantric practices.  The interchange of energy in our interactive session, her gentle encouragement, her responsiveness and her ability to focus her energy and mine created an intense connected experience, an experience  in which I was able to more profoundly inhabit my breath and body. Her wealth of knowledge and openness, her perspective on life and sexuality, her acceptance and willingness to share of herself and her deep understanding are all uniquely moving and valuable.  There is much more to experience with Layla and I can only hope I will have the opportunity to be in more sessions with her.